Prism Commerce Classes

  • Academic training and education is not just enough, especially when students are at a very impressionable age. To be equipped to take on the world, whether in academics, the corporate or business world, what they need is a solid grounding in life skills, in interpersonal development and in honing their capability to leverage their learning to best advantage. This capability is what will differentiate the uni-dimensional human being from the capable youngster who can take on the world with confidence.

  • Therefore, to stay ahead in this increasingly competitive world, what you need is a rounded personality. This was an insight that was very apparent to the Founder of Prism Commerce Classes Shailen Gosalia, when he started the institution.

  • If you are a Commerce Student or an aspiring Chartered Accountant, Prism is the space to hone your knowledge and give free rein to your aptitude. Shailen Gosalia firmly believes in the overall development of students, and since this orientation is firmly ingrained in students and faculty alike, it has become the USP of this institute: Prism believes in the overall development of the student.