Doubts Solving

FAQs from parents

1. My child has no knowledge about majority subjects of commerce and we are not well associated with the recent trends in Commerce, how to proceed?

The faculty has been training since years and are masters who keep themselves well updated, also the Institute will see to it that students take a keen interest in Commerce during their learning.

2. My child is talented yet does not succeed in studies, please guide.
Constant Monitoring, disciplined environment, regular follow up to the parents about the students performance, attention to each individual will cater to this problem from the institution end.

3. How will I know about my child's performance?
    Regular Test, the scores of which will be
    a. messaged,
    b. emailed,
    c. put on Students And Parents Account on the website,
    d. and in cases of severe unsatisfactory performance telephoned to the parents.